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Enrique Iglesias - Enrique

Date: Nov 23, 1999
Category: Rock/Pop


01 Rhythm Divine
02 Be With You
03 I Have Always Loved You
04 Sad Eyes
05 I'm Your Man
06 Oyeme
07 Could I Have This Kiss Forever
08 You're My #1
09 Alabao
10 Bailamos
11 Rhythm Divine (Eng. Version)
12 Sad Eyes
13 No Puede Mas Sin Ti (I'm Your Man)
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Even after years as a Latin superstar, Enrique Iglesias likely can't help but feel as if he's playing catch up. Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony aren't necessarily better, but they at least got here first, and Iglesias' first ever English-language record, Enrique, is arriving in what may be the Latin Invasion's last inning. 

But in the war for the hearts and minds of America, Iglesias is clearly giving no quarter: Enrique is a thoroughly enjoyable, if ineffably lightweight offering packed with slickly produced dance-pop tracks and the requisite heartfelt ballads on which he feels your pain (sometimes literally, like on "I Have Always Loved You"). 

Iglesias, who seems at times like a lighter and slightly more user-friendly version of Anthony, always appears credibly sincere, even as he front-loads Enrique with the requisite hit-making necessities: He includes his already-released former No. 1 American hit "Bailamos" (padding the record, obviously, but it's irresistible anyway), brings out big producing guns like old Madonna standby Pat Leonard, and duets with Whitney Houston -- who's sounding more and more like Brandy every day -- on the shameless Diane Warren/David Foster track "Could I Have This Kiss Forever." 

When Iglesias covers "Sad Eyes," one of Bruce Springsteen's (admittedly lesser) songs, it feels like the American battle has truly been joined. Iglesias handles the track with aplomb and even sings it again later on the record, in Spanish, lest anyone miss the point. He also gives several tracks a vaguely echo-ey vocal reminiscent of Cher's "Believe," a similarity that's probably anything but coincidental. 

Allison Stewart

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