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Code Red - Missin' You Already
 fixed track3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,15 on 1/10/1999


01 What Would You Do,If
02 What Good Is A Heart
03 Everytime You Go Away(Exclusive Bouns Track)
04 Missin You Already
05 Guess I'm Lost In You
06 Soothe Me
07 Don't Go There
08 Just A Little More
09 Take My Heart
10 Everybody Raise Your Hands
11 When I Close My Eyes
12 The Girl I Use To Know
13 Alone With You
14 What Would You Do,If (Garage Mix)
15 WhatGoodIsAHeart (SmoothVibeMix)
16 Interview
17 Message To Fans

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